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  /    /  From the Valley of Beryl to the crest of the Prace: in search of the crystal of the rock that has made famous Gratteri in antiquity.

From the Valley of Beryl to the crest of the Prace: in search of the crystal of the rock that has made famous Gratteri in antiquity.

There is an enchanted valley between Gratteri and Gibilmanna, in hamlet of Valle Nasca, above a stone chapel that the people call “tribunedda”. This place has always aroused the curiosity of treasure hunters, between the rough peaks of the mountain massof of Prace, in the districts that the sheperds appoint Rocca Dinàru (Rock of Money) and Lavanca Vrilli (the Valley of Beryl). Voices of people tell of shining crystals embedded in the rock, in the above part Piano Morto. Would be just such gems- commonly called of beryl- that since ancient times, have made famous the small town of Gratteri, as the Fazello wrote in the XVI century: “Gratterium oppidum Berillo lapide nobile”.
Actually, it would be a crystal of rock colourless and trasparent, commonly know as hyaline quartz which in nature is found in various forms- rough stones, spikes and druse- considered by the ancient peoples the stone of the seer for its hypnotic and divinatory virtues.
Our hike will start right from that valley, to climb the highest peaks of the mountains of Prace, until the sinkhole, the abyss Prace, Ciacca and Macabubbo. After a refreshment at Piano Morto, in front of a breathtaking view, we will return to Gratteri, not before, having made a stop at the cave Grattarà, to discover the natural beauties and legends of a cave with a crystal clear spring that, according to tradition, gave its name to the same village of Gratteri.

What is included

This itinerary includes three stages::

  • Tribuna Ranni;
  • Pizzo Macabubbo;
  • Valley of Beryl;
  • Rock of Money;
  • Sinkhole Prace;
  • Head of Dafni;
  • Plan Prato;
  • Cave Grattara.

Information about the places

Visit the website for more information

Period and timetable of excursions

Timetable: to choose from 8 to 18 ( please arrive about 30 minutes before departure).
After th excursion you will have the opportunity to taste typical local products, have lunch in the restaurant or outside with a catering service and buy traditonal local products.
Possibility to stay overnight.

Meeting point

Departure form viewpoint Sp Gratteri-Gibilmanna (Tribuna Ranni).

Type of excursion

Excursion with pack animals for trasportation.


The entire itinerary takes 5-7 hours

Group size

The excursion is subject to the minimum number of 8 participants.

What to take

Sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, long trousers, comfortable and closed shoes (sneakers or boots), a bottle of water, umbrella, heavier clothes for the evening ( can freshen up the mountains).

Days excursion

  • Consult the calendary of events.
  • Every day by reservation with minimum numer 8 participants.

Difficulty of the excursion

Middle/ High

Price of itinerary 60€
(Excursion with guide+ lunch)
The price includes transportation, assistance of a guide and a narrator, packed lunch that will be tasted during the excursion in a characteristic place with typical Sicilian products ( drinks included).

Extra cost

Cost shuttle bus Gratteri/ Cefalù- Cefalù/Gratteri.
Based on the number of participants will be established the time of departure and return.
Meeting point in Cefalù- train station
Meeting point in Gratteri – viewpoint Gangi Battaglia.
Any transfer from another location can be agreed together with the organization based on the number of particpants.

What to know

The itinerary is subject to changes due to unforseen circumstances beyond our control.
The company reserves the right to change or cancel the itinerary if necessary due to availability and/ or to adverse weather conditions.
Participants must sign a waiver before taking part in the excursion.

Note: guides reserve the right to judge the level of experience each participant. If they find the participant unfit, the participant will not able to take part in the excursion. Not refund will be issued.

For more details on the excursion and itinerary map, visit the following link: eventi.visitgratteri.com


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