A Hotel totally immersed within the historical centre of Gratteri, a structure which shows signs of an historical past with timeless charm and that represents the ideal destination to spend a revitalising stay, far from the hustle and bustle of the city.


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The archipelago of the Aeolian Islands takes their name from the god Aeolus, undisputed god of the winds, and is made up of seven islands scattered along the north-eastern coast of Sicily, they are scattered as if to form a large y of which Vulcano is the extremity lower and Alicudi and Stromboli the two peaks respectively further west and further east.

They have been defined as the “seven pearls of the Mediterranean”, this is because they are islands of extraordinary charm. These are always active volcanoes and when you get close you can’t help but be tempted to explore them. Panarea is the smallest but also the most popular with young people and offers a pretty good night life. Those who go to Vulcano cannot fail to immerse themselves at least for a minute in the natural lake of hot mud. Lipari, the largest, is called the white mountain because it is made up of pumice, a stone that floats in the water. Salina is the island that fascinated Massimo Troisi in fact and right there that the film “Il Postino” was shot, it is also famous for its capers and for the production of Malvasia, the famous nectar of the gods. Stromboli looks like a huge black giant with a plume, in fact when the sun sets it is possible to see the flame of the volcano, a unique show in the world. Remain Alicudi and Filicudi which are the oldest and both endowed with extraordinary beauty as they are the most pristine. This is because in the evening, as a nightlife, they don’t offer much choice. So they are mainly frequented by people who want to relax as much as possible while enjoying unique landscapes in the world. Our advice is to be able to visit them all because it is really worth it.

You can reach the Aeolian Islands with ferries that depart from both Cefalù and Milazzo


Visit the websitewww.isoleeolie.com


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